Whether your business is small or large, you may be looking into Zoom cloud phone systems to meet your communication needs. At Abadi Group, we’ve got you covered. We sell cloud phone services for small, medium, and large businesses.

Even if you don’t know about Zoom Phone, you’ve probably heard of the Zoom platform for virtual meetings. The ease of use and quality of connection make Zoom a go-to software for meetings. Zoom Phone offers those same features, plus many more, for all-in-one business communication.

Read along to learn more about Zoom Cloud phone systems and what they can do for your business.

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What is Zoom Phone?

The Zoom cloud phone system is a modern innovation that comes with all the features of traditional PBX systems. Zoom Phone brings together video, voice, text, and meetings into one platform for easier management. The cloud-based phone system offers secure connections with high-quality audio and visuals. Zoom Phone allows you to combine services and integrate systems into one platform.

Some benefits and features include:

  • Call routing and management
  • Desktop and mobile apps
  • Centralized management
  • Auto attendant
  • Interoperability with standards-based endpoints
  • Voicemail
  • Call history
  • Caller ID
  • Call recording
  • Shared lines
  • Call blocking
  • Salesforce integration
  • Call delegation
  • Call hold
  • Call monitoring
  • Slack integration

There are hundreds of other features, and Zoom Phone is always adding more. Because the system is implemented over an internet connection, you get the benefit of those updates quickly.

Zoom Phone Hardware

One of the great things about the Zoom cloud phone system is that you can use pre-existing hardware to reduce the cost of your new system. If, however, you want to update your office or you’re in need of call hardware for your phone system, Zoom Phone has what you need to make the switch.

Here are some of the hardware Zoom Phone offers:

  • VoIP adapters: allow you to connect analog phones and equipment to VoIP services
  • Session Border Controllers (SBCs): protect and regulate IP communication flow
  • Paging and intercom devices: adapt analog paging and intercom devices to VoIP services. Includes Paging Gateways, IP speakers, IP authentication devices, loud ringing, bell scheduling, audio and visual alerts, and more.
  • Conference phones: hassle-free audio collaboration hardware, available in a variety of models depending on your size needs.
  • Headsets: ensure the quality of audio when speaking with your customers or when collaborating with coworkers.
  • Cameras: premium cameras for your virtual meetings.
  • Accessories: from green screens to desk lights, these accessories can make your virtual meeting experiences better.
  • Audio: Microphones and speakers for better sound quality.
Zoom Phone Hardware and Laptop
Animated Zoom Desk Phone

Zoom Desk Phone

Looking for a desk phone that does it all? Zoom Phone has a number of desk phones that work both for phone calls and video calls.

Here are a few of the desk phones available:

  • Poly CCX 700: With a built-in 4-megapixel camera and crisp audio, this desk phone has a 7” touch screen with an easy-to-use interface. The Zoom App is built-in, making this compatible with both Zoom Phone and Meetings. Perfect for managers and executives.
  • Poly CCX 600 with camera kit: This desk phone comes with an attachable EagleEye mini camera. The 7” color touch screen has an intuitive interface, with the Zoom app built-in.
  • Yealink VP59: This smart video phone comes with an 8” screen, with both touch screen keys and hard keys. Perfect for executives and managers.
  • Yealink MP56: This desk phone comes with a 7” touch screen and works for both Zoom Meetings and phone calls. It comes with a magnet handset, as well as Bluetooth capabilities. Great for mid-level office workers.

Zoom Mobile

One of the best things about Zoom Phone and Meetings is the flexibility it offers for the hybrid office. Working while you commute? What about while out of town? You can access Zoom Meetings from your mobile phone using the app. The app integrates with your business’s Zoom cloud phone system for true flexibility.

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Cloud Phone for Your Business

If you’re a smaller company, you may be wondering if cloud phone systems for small or medium businesses are within your budget. Or conversely, will a cloud phone system work for your large business? As mentioned above, one of the best things about Zoom cloud phone systems is their scalability. Because cloud-based phone systems aren’t connected to physical cables, they also aren’t limited by those cables. This means you can easily customize a phone system for your company, getting you the number of lines and features you need.

If you’re looking to get started with Zoom Phone or any other cloud-based phone system, give Abadi Group a call today! We have access to over 150 carriers, meaning we’ll help you find the right voice and data provider for your company at the best price.

Cloud Phone for Business

Cloud Based Phone System

Traditional analog business phone systems give companies a huge array of services that allow them to communicate effectively. A good phone system makes communicating within the company and with customers easier and more efficient. But there are many drawbacks to an on-site phone system. They are costly to set up, requiring lots of hardware and infrastructure as well as an IT department to manage. Even more problematic is the limitations on-site systems place on your business. You can only make and receive phone calls at the office. With more people working from home, this is a big limitation.

A cloud-based phone system like Zoom Cloud, however, lets you take your phone calls wherever you go. All you need in an internet connection and a device, such as a smartphone or computer. Additionally, cloud-based phone systems allow you more features than a traditional phone system, such as capabilities for video conference calls.

Another huge benefit to cloud based phone systems is their scalability. Because there are no physical lines that need to be installed, it’s easy to increase or decrease the number of extensions. This means that getting cloud phone for small businesses is just as easy as it is for medium or large businesses.