Successful business owners are constantly looking for creative ways to cut spending and save money. One way businesses and call centers can accomplish this is by looking into SIP trunking and available providers. Finding the best and most competitive SIP trunking provider that is the most competitive in quality, service, and cost can be a challenge. As a result, let’s discuss and explain exactly what SIP trunking is how it can help, and what provider may be right for you.

What Is SIP Trunking? 

First of all, SIP stands for “Session Initiation Protocol” and its fundamental purpose is to assist VoIP calls without phone lines. Basically, SIP is a layered application protocol that provides Businesses with audio and video in a more reliable and optimized system. The entire communication platform functions over the internet which makes it easier to add users and locations. Trunking is actually just a technique used in data transmission that gives multiple users access to the same phone network.

What Is SIP Trunking Used For? 

More and more companies have recently been switching to SIP trunking to replace an older technology called Primary Rate Interface (PRI) technology. PRI is becoming too expensive to maintain due to the constant need to upgrade equipment. Additionally, SIP trunking supports video conferencing and instant messages which is a huge advantage given the huge increase in remote workstations. With a SIP trunk, VoIP users can make calls without telephone lines by connecting to a compatible PBX system. The older PRI technology is known for being finicky in inclement weather but SIP trunking won’t fail you during a power outage or storm. Your calls will be rerouted to keep you connected. Your business will not experience the phone outages you once had!

The Top 11 SIP Trunking Providers 

Similar to a phone provider such as AT&T or Century Link, SIP trunking providers are available for you to choose from. As a result, we assembled a list of the 11 best SIP trunking providers on the market to help you find the best provider for your needs.

1. Nextiva 

First of all, Nextiva is one of the top-ranked SIP trunking providers out there for various reasons. They provide a simple and dependable service that connects your PBX system directly to the cloud. As a result, you can decrease your communication costs by adding additional SIP trunks into your PBX equipment without any delays.

Nextiva offers two plans that eliminate the usual fees that accumulate when you add additional trunks. Their metered plan is only $14.95 per month with an additional add-on fee of $0.008 per minute. Their unmetered plan is $24.95 per month that includes unlimited calling. Both of these plans offer any and all available Nextiva SIP trunking features. Bottom line is, Nextiva usually beats their competitor’s pricing, and basically offers the best SIP trunking rates in the industry.

Nextiva SIP Trunking
AT&T Logo

2. AT&T 

AT&T is also a great choice if you are looking for a Great SIP trunking provider that already has a great reputation in the phone or SIP trunk industry. Their business is reliable, and they are large enough to handle and scale to any business demands you may need. You can consolidate your voice and data with a solution that delivers outbound, inbound, local, and long-distance calling. They offer a variety of SIP trunking plans to fit your specific business needs.

The rates AT&T offers are per minute for SIP trunking services that vary depending on a few circumstances.  As an obstacle to getting a quote they, require a contact form to be filled out before talking with one of their trained experts.

3. Centurylink 

One of our favorite advantages Centurylink offers is that its plans are extremely flexible. The flexibility we like so much is how they allow you to adjust your plan according to seasonality. For example, if you have a high volume of calls during the warmer months, or during certain holidays you can make adjustments to the plan up or down to help you save money throughout the year. When your demand for bandwidth goes up, you can allocate more for your needs, when the bandwidth goes down, you simply adjust again.

Centurylink also requires you to contact their sales team by phone, or contact form to see plan-specific pricing.

CenturyLink Logo
Vonage SIP Trunking Provider

4. Vonage 

Vonage is a well-known company in the phone industry and also a pioneer in VOIP communication systems. Vonage offers a myriad of VoIP business plans that allow companies to reserve their own toll-free number. However, one of Vonage’s strengths is how they offer complex and advanced features and integrations. For example, some of the features we love include video conferencing, conference calls, online meetings, CRM integrations, visual voicemail, and many more. Vonage has 3 main business phone service plans to choose from, that range from $19.99-$39.99 per month. As expected though, the more you pay the better the integrations and features your plan will include.

5. UniTel Voice SIP 

Hands down, Unitel is the least expensive SIP trunk pricing for local or toll-free numbers. So if you are looking for the smallest cost in your SIP trunking journey they could be the one for you. Unitel offers high-quality services and their Voice SIP has some great unique features your small business may actually enjoy.

For example, Unitel is well known in the industry for its excellent customer service which is 100% USA-based. Let’s be honest, having a phone provider that is easy to communicate with and at minimal cost is usually all someone could ask for. They have prepared two different payment plans available for SIP trunking services. The first is a pay-as-you-go plan where you are charged for what you use on a monthly basis. The second plan is based on a special discount rate that depends on your usage.

UniTel Voice SIP Trunk Provider
Verizon SIP Trunking

6. Verizon

Obviously, we have all heard of Verizon. They are a huge and reliable provider that is still growing with nationwide notoriety. Verizon focuses on making it simple for companies to upgrade their systems while also maintaining all the same features as their current PBX systems. This is a huge advantage because it can save your company time and money because your employees don’t need to be trained on a new system. As for their payment terms, Verizon charges per minute. Just like AT&T and a few other providers, they ask that you fill out a contact form before they give you a price quote for your business.

7. Digium 

Digium is not as well known to those digging into the industry for the first time, but it may actually be the perfect choice for your company. If you are looking to reduce service costs, scale easier, and provide reliable phone and voice operations. Digium allows you to transfer and use your old phone numbers and scale up your plan as you grow. You also have the option to secure new local or toll-free numbers for every individual team member. Digium SIP trunking services are usually accrued either per minute or per channel. Their channelized services cost about $22.95 per month and their metered plan costs $0.015 per minute.

Digium SIP Trunking Provider

8. Twilio 

Twilio actually offers some great services, especially if you are looking for a scalable business phone solution to help your company grow globally. Twilio has an elastic SIP trunking service that provides connectivity across the world for VoIP and is easy to set up in a very brief amount of time. Their elastic SIP trunking network is already trusted by over 140,000 businesses and connects to carriers in more than 100 countries.

One of our favorite features about this company is they offer flexible pricing so you can pay-as-you-go without contracts or capacity planning. Local phone numbers start at $0.0045 per minute and $0.0180 per minute for toll-free numbers. To be honest, lots of businesses with different monthly usage levels love that Twilio offers multiple payment plans.

9. Bandwidth 

Bandwidth is a provider known to help your company save money and helping extend your overall reach. Bandwidth SIP trunking uses a proprietary tier 1 network that will consolidate your long-distance and local calls into a single circuit. As expected with a phone company, they offer inbound calling, outbound calling with domestic and international long-distance calls. However, the most appealing features to Bandwidth SIP trunking services are the toll-free support, 24×7 access to network operations centers, and special emergency 911 support. The plan they offer charges per number, per inbound and outbound calling minute, and per inbound and outbound message.

Bandwidth SIP Trunking Provider
MegaPath SIP Trunking Provider

10. MegaPath 

Megapath SIP trunking services focus on reducing your costs and simplifying your IT systems. They combine both voice and internet access over one single connection on your current PBX system. SIP trunks are usually significantly less expensive than analog lines. The cost is usually cheaper because you only have to purchase the individual trunks you need. For example, you can forecast or figure out the maximum number of calls your company will need and purchase accordingly. MegaPath’s basic SIP trunking plan costs $9.95 per month. This price even includes a 30-day money-back guarantee along with free equipment and installation.

11. Comcast 

Comcast is a great SIP trunking provider. They provide you with high-quality SIP trunking that gives you stellar VoIP service through a connection specifically from your IP PBX over a quality IP. Plus, it’s all backed up with 24/7 support. Comcast is a great fit for large companies and corporations where phone calls are a significant part of your business. With Comcast, you get great service, limitless local calls and inexpensive long-distance calling, call forwarding, and so much more. If you’d like to get SIP trunking with advanced features at an affordable cost, we can provide you with Comcast to satisfy your needs.


If you’d like to learn more about SIP trunking providers and which one is the best fit for your business, give us a call or contact us through our website. There are a lot of options for you to choose from when it comes to SIP trunking and it’s important that you get it right. We take pride in helping your business grow through top-quality voice and data services.  In addition to being VoIP providers, we also provide hosted telecom services including hosted PBX, Zoom voice, and business phone numbers throughout the state of New Jersey and New York. Contact us for all your telecommunication needs.

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